What happens if I correctly
predict the winning team?

Benefit 01

Guess the winning team and receive a $5 bonus!

* This will solely apply to users whose accounts are connected with STICPLAY Brands.

Benefit 02

Double the cashback amount in June!

* Bonuses for accurate predictions will be credited to your account in early July.


For customers who correctly predict the winning team,
we will draw the following prizes



3 Customers



5 Customers

Apple <br/>Watch-img


10 Customers

$100<br/> bonus-img


50 Customers

Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • Predictions for the winners of the 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League are exclusively open to STICPLAY registered users.
  • The "Double Cashback" bonus, available only to customers who correctly predict the winning team, will be granted solely to users
    with registered Brand accounts on STICPLAY who have previously received cashback.
  • Cashback for this promotion will be distributed in early July.
  • Individual winners of prizes will receive notifications via the email registered in their member information.
  • Winners of prizes will be required to agree to a separate personal information collection agreement; failure to do so will result in prize cancellation.
  • We are not liable for benefits not provided due to incorrect customer information.
  • This promotion is subject to change or termination without notice due to internal circumstances. Rewards and prizes obtained through fraudulent means may be revoked.
  • For inquiries about the promotion, please contact support@sticplay.com.
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